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Home, Office and Gun Safes.
Customized Security Options.
100% Lifetime Fire Guarantee.

At Commonwealth Vault & Safe Deposit Co., we are proud of our status as an authorized safe dealer. We have partnered with the Hollon Safe Company of Corpus Christi, TX to offer a full array of home safe options. So if you prefer a secure storage option in the convenience of your home or office, we have access to a full array of home, burglary, gun and custom-fit safes with an assortment of protection options. All Hollon TM safes also come with a lifetime warranty against fire damage.

You may download Hollon's catalog below. We have provided some of the safes from our Best Sellers list for your reference. Please contact us to inquire about these safes.

Hollon's 2015 Catalog (PDF 4.2MB)

Our Best Sellers

Home Safes

  • HS-360E (page 6 of the catalog)
  • HS-500E (page 6 of the catalog)

2-Hour Office Safes

  • HS-750E (page 7 of the catalog)
  • HS-880E (page 7 of the catalog)

Fire & Burglary Safes

  • FB-685E (page 9 of the catalog)
  • FB-845E (page 9 of the catalog)

Gun, Depository & Floor Safes

  • HDS-2014E (page 11 of the catalog)
  • B-1500 (page 14 of the catalog)
  • BHS-45E (page 16 of the catalog)
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