Holiday Observances & Closures

In observation of the following Holidays, our facility will be closed on the following dates:

Nov. 23, 2023 - Thanksgiving
Dec. 25, 2023 - Christmas Day
Jan. 1, 2024 - New Year's Day


Maximum-Security Vault.
Monitored 24/7 Security.

Our primary location has been redesigned from the ground up to be a reinforced secure facility. The security has been designed to protect its inner vaults, clients and employees. Some of the measures include several layers of steel and concrete reinforced walls, tempered glass; seismic, motion, and pressure sensors; along with multiple cameras, backup power and fire prevention systems. The vault room itself is protected by reinforced concrete and a state of the art, foot-thick, vault door. Once inside, access to all safe boxes requires two keys -- yours and a master. Our security procedures are also tailored to provide maximum personal safety for our customers and protection from any unauthorized access. Authorization for access can come from you or a court order only.

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Tall old-styled safe

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